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Operations Solutions

Supporting our customers at every stage in the life of their assets with specialised engineering, broad technical capability and long-term experience.

Operational excellence

Our comprehensive in-house competency programme is designed to offer a consistent service that pushes us towards excellence in all areas of operational delivery. Safety is the first and last thing on our minds. We design safety up front within our procedures, build it into our deliverables and ensure it gets the highest priority throughout execution. We recognise the potential for incidents at any point. The greatest assurance we can offer is to keep all operations safe, for our customers, our vendors and our own personnel. We offer:

  • Operating strategies
  • Risk analysis and mitigation plans
  • Selection, training, assurance of competency


The performance of every component at every level is balanced with the needs of the asset. The basis of our integrity support is having a clear strategy for the life of the asset. We take a holistic approach that considers operational life and factors in overall performance needs to optimise integrity planning. We’ve worked hard to develop a fully integrated portfolio of services that support operational integrity. Our capabilities include:

  • Manpower services
  • Inspection
  • Integrity strategies and management
  • Shutdown / turnaround
  • Due diligence
  • Logistics

End to End

Operations solutions combine regular ongoing support for maintenance and operations with project based services for modifications and major upgrades, enhanced with a comprehensive selection of integrity and specialist disciplines. We offer a complete spectrum of operations solutions from the start-up of a completed project through to its retirement from service.

Operations Capabilities

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  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Modifications
  • Commissioning
  • Decommissioning

We know how to push the operating envelope on your asset’s performance, reliability and lifetime.

We’ve worked hard to develop a fully integrated portfolio of services that support operational integrity

Our maintenance experts work hand-in-hand with operations to ensure assets continue to operate effectively with no unexpected failures or downtime.

Our maintenance services begin with quality people. We hire the best technicians and service personnel who are experienced, dedicated and qualified for their specific roles.

An excellent track record of brownfield modifications that enhance production, increase capacity and extend asset life.

We work on a broad range, size and complexity of modifications, scaling our systems and processes to suit your needs and deliver a fit-forpurpose result.

Outstanding engineering and operational experience means we bring a deep understanding of the key interface points to bridge the gap from design to ongoing operations.

Safe, cost effective late life retirement and decommissioning solutions for any size project.

Our purpose

Sustainability is our mindset, and our way of doing business. We push the limits of the possibility in energy efficiency and water conservation through its treatment. It is about adding value to the world, to our customers, to our business and to our employees in the most sustainable way.