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Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions

Business Solution through Water Treatment

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Water treatment

We are committed to ensuring safe, dependable, and affordable drinking water. We also pay particular attention to capital and operating cost-effectiveness, while minimizing environmental impact.

From conventional to state-of-the-art technologies, our expertise encompasses the following treatment processes, and more:

  • Drinking water-Desalination-Process water for industries
  • Water treatment for product (Oil-Gas)-Cooling systems

Wastewater treatment

Whether you need to treat municipal wastewater or industrial effluent, SAUBER has a sustainable solution for your operation. We have developed some of the most efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment technologies on the market.

  • Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR)
  • End-to-End Packaged Wastewater Solutions
  • Industrial Waswater Treatment


SAUBER provides decentralized, pre-engineered, and custom-designed desalination plants that reliably deliver safe drinking water to government entities, municipalities, and private companies, and high-quality process water to industrial operations. Here are a few of our featured desalination solutions

  • Desalination for Drinking Water
  • Industrial Process Desalination
  • Desalination for Drinking Water

Waste to energy

Turning waste into a resource with cost-effective and sustainable technologies

Why choose Waste-to-Energy Technology?

  • On-site production of energy
  • Reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions
  • 100% reliability, and low operation and maintenance requirements

Sludge treatment

SAUBER provides solutions of wastewater treatment for opearations with high solids contents and organic load.

  • Reduction of sludge volume by up to 90%
  • Production of a high quality digestate
  • Biogas production

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Our purpose

Sustainability is our mindset, and our way of doing business. We push the limits of the possibility in energy efficiency and water conservation through its treatment. It is about adding value to the world, to our customers, to our business and to our employees in the most sustainable way.